Double your Veggies and Halve your Starch

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Want one weird trick to lose fat without trying? This is it.

Many of my patients have the standard American dinner, which is a meat, vegetable, and starch. An easy way to cut calories (and carbohydrates) is to literally just take whatever vegetable portion you normally eat and double it while cutting the starch portion you eat in half.

For example, if you have one scoop of vegetables and two scoops of starch, flip it around to two scoops of vegetables and one scoop of starch. See this example:

Double your Veggies and Halve your Starch1

Simple eh? This will ultimately fill you up while helping you drop some pounds over time AND allow you to still have some of that starch you enjoy 😉 .

By the way, last year I posted this picture and people got upset that I was eating macaroni and cheese because of the artificial cheese or something. If someone thinks they are too good for macaroni and cheese, then I don’t want to be friends with them. In memory of Gene Wilder, “Good day sir!”

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