Fruit Doesn’t Taste as Good as Cookies. Accept it.

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There are some annoying fitness fanatics out there that try to tell people that eating healthfully tastes as good if not better than eating junk food. That’s just ridiculous. Of course a cookie will taste better than an apple. Of course the french fries taste better than green vegetables. We need to reframe the way we think. 

Instead of thinking that healthy food should taste just as good if not better than high-calorie junk food, we should just accept that it doesn’t. This isn’t a bad thing. The healthy food doesn’t need to be disgusting. We just need to accept that while it is not as pleasurable as the decadent high-calorie fat depositing food, the healthy food aligns more with our values.

This isn’t to say we can’t have the junk food once in a while. A small amount can fit into pretty much everyone’s diet. However, think about what you value (something I help my patients and those who take the Fat Loss Prescription Course), then freely choose which food aligns more with that value.

Do you value being a good role model for your children? If so, you have the ability to choose that piece of fruit instead of the cookies and chips. Sure those cookies and chips would be super pleasurable especially when you’re super hungry after a day of hard work, but while that apple isn’t as pleasurable, it aligns with your values.

You do have a choice. Just think about it differently.

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