Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, a physician specializing in weight loss, shares EVERYTHING you need to know before starting your health and fitness journey, including…
How to simply and sustainably lose weight, improve your state of health, and feel more energetic in your daily life…

... all without suffering through another restrictive, unhealthy, controlling nutrition or exercise program ever again.

So—you want to start losing weight, improving your health, and feeling more energetic during your days, but have no idea where to start?

If you request a free copy of my guide, “Start Here: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Fitness Journey”, I’ll show you…

  • What foods to eat (hint: what foods you eat doesn’t matter nearly as much as how much food you eat).

  • When to eat (which matters even less than what and how much you eat—as you can see, I’m a huge proponent of simplicity and practicality).

  • Which methods of exercise are best suited for your goals (I’ve even included a sample beginner’s exercise program on page 16 for you to try).

  • My dead-simple recommendation for cardiovascular exercise (plus, how to balance cardio with resistance training so that you don’t hate your life).

  • How to lose weight in a non-supportive environment (such as being surrounded by yummy, easy-to-overeat foods that hijack our appetites).

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