The Fat Loss Workout I Prescribe to my Patients

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While diet is the most important part for weight loss in my patients, exercise still has its role. I don’t want my patients simply losing weight, I want them specifically losing fat and keeping their muscle. I also want them healthy, which exercise is an essential part of (metabolically speaking). My goal is not to overwhelm my patients, but to give them something so easy that they follow through with it and crave more in the end. Ready for my prescription?

Keep in mind that many of my patients are over 300 lbs and have never been to a gym – it can be scary!

Here it is:

2 Days a week

Full-body resistance training (pushing/pulling/legs) 1-2 sets with 8-12 reps each

  • leg press or bodyweight squats
  • leg curls
  • machine, dumbbell or barbell bench
  • machine or dumbbell rows
  • machine or dumbbell overhead press
  • lat pulldown or assisted pull-up machine


30 minute walk after each meal (or at the very least dinner)

That’s it. Of course I change things up once they get going and have specific needs/wants but this is about as simple and effective as it comes. Many times I will go to the gym with them to show how to do the exercises or set them up with a good personal trainer for a few sessions.

What do you think? Too easy? Good!

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