Barbell Box Squats

The squat movement pattern is key for developing lower body strength, and one of our favorite squat variations is the Barbell Box Squat. The primary movements involved are knee flexion (bending), knee extension (straightening) and hip flexion/extension. The major muscles groups involved include the glutes, adductors, and quadriceps. There are also many muscles that play […]

Want to try Cool Sculpting? Read this first

You’re fed up with that extra flab around your belly or on the back of your arms. You heard on the radio there is this new procedure that freezes off the fat without any diet or exercise. Sounds pretty “cool” right? (lol). It’s called Cool Sculpting and if you’re thinking of trying it, be sure […]

Foods More “Addictive” than Sugar

Something that has driven me nuts in the past is the notion that sugar is addictive and problematic by itself. People talk about sugar being evil, but when you ask them to list specific foods, they list foods that are high in both sugar AND fat (think donuts, cookies, cakes, and pies). So is it […]

Your Weekend Splurges are Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts

Why can’t you lose weight? This may be why You do so well during the week and then when the weekend comes you feel you can splurge. Unfortunately you’re screwing your week long efforts as the splurging wipes out your energy burning deficit. Of course we aren’t all machines with perfect calorie burning counts but […]