Dumbbell Deadlifts

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Deadlifts are one of the BIG 3 (bench, squat, and deadlifts) exercises everyone says you HAVE to do if you’re lifting weights. I don’t necessarily agree with that, BUT I do think deadlifts are a great exercise for functionality, strength, and of course looking better.

The exercise works your backside including your butt (glutes) and legs (hamstrings) along with also your upper back (traps). The problem is that most people recommend doing barbell deadlifts and these may not feel comfortable to everyone. During the barbell deadlift the bar only has so much movement since your legs are a barrier to moving any further back. This may cause some discomfort or pain in people who have various restrictions (like me and my hip).

An alternative? The dumbbell deadlift.

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and with a couple of dumbbells in front of you. Keeping your lower back tight (with that small curve held), hinge your hips back then bend the knees to grab the dumbbells in front of you. 

Keep your shoulders back (don’t let them round forward) and start to go back up first by extending the knees again then hingeing back your hips and thrusting them forward.  Keep your palms facing you.

On the way back down, start with the hip hinge again while keeping the dumbbells in front of you. Remember to hold your shoulders back and keep your lower back curve tight. Once the dumbbells get past your knees, start to bend your knees till you get down to your desired depth.

See this video below of me fumbling around trying to teach it. LOLOL

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