Goblet Squats

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The first type of squat I teach my patients is called the goblet squat.

The goblet squat is named as such because it looks like you’re holding a goblet. Duh. It was invented by a really cool guy and smart coach named Dan John.

The goblet squat is a great squat exercise if you:

  1. Have only 1 dumbbell or kettlebell at your disposal and/or
  2. Feel uncomfortable with heavier weights on your back (like with a regular back squat)

It’s also great for improving your range of motion and getting your squatting form better altogether.

All you need is one dumbbell or kettlebell.

Set your feet in the same position where you land after a vertical jump. Try it and see where your feet go.  This is probably a touch wider than shoulder length apart. Your toes will likely be pointed just slightly out.

If you have just the kettlebell, start by holding it by the horns/handle and against your chest. If you have a dumbbell, hold one head with your hands (palms in).

When you squat, you want to focus on getting those elbows between the knees. Push your knees out when you squat and if you have to, push your knees out when at the bottom with your elbows. The cartoon above doesn’t show as good as the video below.

Keep that curve in your lower back too. You can hang out at the bottom if you want a good stretch. Then come back up.

If you notice your heels coming up at the bottom, bring your feet just slightly wider.

If you are just starting out, you won’t need that heavy of a weight, but you may actually feel better with more weight than you think to get you down low.

Again, I realize the cartoon above isn’t going as deep as you should LOL. See my video below.

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