I’m not a Doctor… but I play one on the Internet!

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This can likely be applied to any type of professional e.g. lawyers, stock traders, teachers, etc, but I think it is interesting that many people with a tiny bit of knowledge and an internet connection all of a sudden become board certified physicians. Let’s go over how this occurs.

Person A has a lab value of X.  The doctor of person A either does or doesn’t prescribe a medicine depending on their clinical judgement. Person A reports this all on Facebook. Random person B from the internet reads this on Facebook and tells person A that the doctor is full of shit and they either don’t need that medicine or that they should have prescribed some other medicine.

Person B is what I see daily on Facebook. Person B believes without a physical exam and full history on person A (let alone absolutely no medical training) that it is okay to make medical recommendations based on the small excerpt written on Facebook.

Does anyone else think this is okay? Am I taking crazy pills?




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