Is Natural Bodybuilding basically Castration?

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If you are familiar with natural bodybuilding, you’ll hear all sorts of stories of guys losing their “mojo” during their quest to get in the very low body fat percentages. In fact, there was a case study done just last year that showed this very occurrence.  So when I decided to go on this journey, I figured it would happen to me in a slight manner but not to the extent that has been reported on facebook or even that case study.

Before starting this preparation I happened to check my testosterone a few times. Yes I made a video that says not to worry about your testosterone if you are young and having no issues…. however this was for my own academic purposes. Anyway, my total testosterone checked a few times was around 600 ng/dL, which is well within the normal range. I had absolutely no symptoms of low T – good libido, strong, not irritable/no mood swings. Would this change?

This cut has had me go from around a little more than 3000 calories per day all the way down to around 2000 calories per day. Total weight loss hasn’t been entirely significant (about 14 pounds), but most of it was likely fat (I did not get a before and after DEXA due to one not being available in my area). I have kept all of my strength and in fact even GAINED strength in some lifts. Maybe I was breaking the rules of this natural bodybuilding and losing weight in general. Is it possible to get stronger while losing weight? How about gaining muscle?

Well everything was fine and dandy for the most part but about a month or so ago, until I lost my “mojo.” I am not going to get into specifics but the mojo was gone. 


This did not worry me as I knew it was likely part of the process, but I was curious… how low did I go? Well I just got my results back after this 6 month cut. My total testosterone was now 278 ng/dL and free testosterone (calculated) was 4.07 ng/dL. Both of these are low enough to be diagnosed with LOW T along with some of my symptoms (of course you would want to recheck). HOWEVER, knowing the history of what is going on with my diet/exercise, one (physicians) should hesitate to prescribe based on this. It is basically the same thing that happens to women when they lose their period (hypothalamic amenorrhea / athletic triad). 

So now what? Well after my show, I will go back to eating a diet that can sustain my body and hormonal functions and will likely recover quickly. The end. Watch my pre bodybuilding show video if you haven’t seen it yet.



Stay tuned for show pictures etc and my next experiment which will feature eating tons of good food while not over gaining fat.

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