Legume Lunch

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My cat loves legumes! Actually he thought it was his Blue Buffalo
Many of my patients have leftovers from dinner for their next day’s lunch. If that doesn’t happen though, they struggle choosing a healthy option. One thing I like to teach them is what I call the “Legume Lunch”
I like healthy, but I also like convenient. My work schedule is similar to my patient’s. 8 am to 5 pm with a short lunch. When I don’t have leftovers I need something quick and I want it healthy as well. Enter the Legume Lunch. There is really nothing elaborate about it. I get a can of lentil or split pea soup and I eat it straight from the can. I make sure to get an easy pull top can as well so I don’t even need a can opener.
My favorite brand is Amy’s, but I also like Progresso. These work well as a meal replacement since they are low in calories, high in fiber, and have a decent amount of protein too. This means you get fuller easier and stay that way. If you’re concerned with the sodium, grab the lower sodium version (pictured above). Most people don’t have to worry about sodium though (something I will discuss later).
If this doesn’t hold you over completely, you can add a piece of fruit and a serving of nuts on the side and even add a light cheese stick. This is literally what I and many of my patients (and Inner Circle members) do a few times a week. The high fiber from the legumes may even improve your lipids and blood sugars! Your spouse may need a gas mask for the first few weeks though 🙂
Hope you try it!



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