Big Rocks Nutrition Coaching

Lose 5-10% of your weight in 3 months

Hey there!

I’ve always wanted to put together an online comprehensive nutrition program that was similar to the gold-standard you see in the best studies out there. The kind that don’t over promise and under deliver, but just stick to science and solid principles of nutrition and weight loss. 

I finally did it!

The key is having a coach that connects with you to find your barriers and help you get over, through, or around them

Take for example a new mom who feels like the baby weight just won’t come off.

Many coaches out there may tell them they just have to want it badly enough and to choke down those bland chicken breasts and broccoli florets.

But what about the stresses and time constraints of their new hectic life? 

This is where a good coach can help them figure out how to manage it all while still getting results. 

Anyway, with my coaching program, you’re put together with one of my hand-selected coaches. The coach works directly with you (under my guidance) to figure out how to get you success.

They check in with you weekly, but you can ask questions whenever you need during the week between your check-ins.

Based on the comprehensive intake you do in the beginning, the coach will put together a plan that they think will work best for you.

It could be working on habits or calorie/macronutrient tracking or following a certain dietary pattern or all of the above.

The coach is highly trained to help you achieve the success you want.

If you want to lose weight, my general guideline is shooting for between 0.50-1% of total body weight loss per week.

So if you’re 200 pounds that means 1-2 pounds a week. So if your goals are achievable within that guideline you should be good!

We do have a commitment of 12 weeks minimum to join the program so we can ensure we are giving you our best.

The cost is only $297 a month, which is less than $10 a day or about the same you might spend at Starbucks per day.

So if you’re interested in doing what I call the gold-standard in nutrition coaching and get results, I’d love for you to join.

We have room for 10 new clients (first come first serve)


Q. Do I get to choose my coach?

A. You’re assigned automatically to a coach. Each coach was hand-selected by me to ensure you meet your goals. I oversee the entire program as well. You’re in great hands.

Q. Can I go longer than 12 weeks?

A. Yes. The minimum is 12 weeks (3 months), but many will go 6 to even 12 months.

Q. Is there an app?

A. Yes we use this special app that allows you and the coach to communicate and get all of the data needed to help you succeed. It works on both iPhone and Android and also your computer.

Q. Do I need anything else to start?

A. The coach will help determine what you need. It’s all individualized.

Q. Is this nutrition only or is there an exercise component?

A. This is nutrition coaching only. If you need exercise help, join LiftRx.